So you can follow the below steps. All we need to do is visit the route we created earlier. 4. People have been passing dynamic data to views since CakePHP first made it’s bloated appearance on the web development scene some moons ago. To create laravel dynamic tabs, download laravel fresh app using this below command. Veröffentlicht von Niklas Fandrich am 19/02/2020. As well as learn, how to show selected subcategories dependent dropdown on selected category dropdown using jquery ajax in laravel. Chris Pitt has a new tutorial on building a simple site with Laravel: Today we’ll look at how to build a simple website in Laravel. To test the second route, try to access the url http://localhost:8000/groceries/get. Use @section directive in the front end partials. Hii Guys, Today, I will explain how can create dynamic multi level menu in laravel we will create example of multi level dynamic menu in laravel you can easy to make many level dynamic menu in laravel. Let’s check it out. Fill the empty