CandleScience Clean Scents™ are free from carcinogens, Saffron and cinnamon enhance the spiced plum note, while warm benzoin and wood combine with smoky incense in the base. As someone else has mentioned this is nearly the same as Holly Berry. How do I get fragrance oils to smell stronger. This plum variety is classified as a Japanese plum variety, and they taste delicious when eaten fresh. Simca (simka) plums are a variety of large, heart-shaped plums that have deep reddish skins with blueish-purple dusty waxy coating. Frontier—Another “black” plum with sweet pink flesh, Frontier can be very sweet when picked ripe and is good for eating out … What a team!!! It smells wonderful and it is strong. Although Italian prune plums are suitable for eating fresh, most of the harvest is dried to create prunes. The sweet varieties of Myrobalan plums are delicious when eaten fresh. Black Amber is a large beautiful black plum, that is primarily used for puddings, pies and in plum sauce recipes. These types of plums have firm flesh and are often eaten fresh. I got this as a free sample with my order and it smells sooo good! This freestone plum variety has green-amber juicy flesh that turns a deep fuchsia color when cooked. The purple-blue skin covers firm yellowish-green flesh that has a sour taste. Damsons are a popular dark-skinned European variety of plum that has tart-flavored flesh and skin. Your fingers should leave a slight indentation if the fruit is ripe. The drupe fruit has a long, oblong shape similar to a small pear. Types of Coconuts: Green, Brown, White and More Varieties from Around the World (With Pictures and N... Types of Cauliflower: Delicious Cauliflower Varieties From Around the World (With Images), Types of Vegetables: Different Kinds of Vegetables With Their Picture and Name, Types of Plums: Black, Red, and More Varieties (With Pictures) – Including Plumcots, Apriums, and Pluots, Types of Peaches: Freestone, Clingstone and More, Types of Citrus Fruits With their Picture and Classification, Types of Cherries: Varieties of Sweet and Tart (Sour) Cherries. Tasters love the sweet, juicy flavor of this black plum that stays firm when fully ripe. Sweet black plums are often dried to create prunes. The hot and cold throws on each candle are a 10. Not.even.close. Depending on the greengage plum cultivar, the green skin can have hints of red blushing or yellow on it. The flesh is juicy and, when preparing the fruit, the inedible pit is discarded. TYPE Black . They can have black, purple, red, or yellow colored skin. Black plums usually range from bright red to deep purple color and come with a mild to sweet taste. Black Ambers are one of the best Japanese purple plum types. Grown in moist, neutral, free-draining, moderately fertile soil in full sun. The pulp is amber, the firm flesh is not adhered to the bone, good taste. Moyer plums are large plums with a long oval shape and high sugar content. Moyer plums are a common purple plum and one of the most popular varieties. Ripening in mid-July. Lol. For the life of me, I can't understand why anybody would knock this fragrance. a large conical plum developed in Australia, juicy and delicious, very low acidity, and flavour excellent, the Amber Jewel is a plum apricot hybrid with aromatic fragrance and a pleasant absence of acidity. Similar to the French Prune, the Italian prune variety is a large, oblong, egg-shaped plum with a powdery coating on purple-blue skin. I was definitely hoping for an amber and plum fragrance but this oil does not smell like that AT ALL. I can't wait to introduce this to my holiday line! "Holly Berry" - revised. Deciduous. One of the most popular types of black Japanese plums is the ‘Black Ruby’ cultivar. EUROPEAN PLUMS . Very sexy. See IFRA certificate for max usage levels. Once again a great scent for fall/winter but the name of it is definitely misguiding. It is juicy and can be eaten fresh or used in jam -making or other recipes. Plums are a type of stone fruit that can have oval or round shape. Smells awesome in wax. In one word: W O N D E R F U L - This is our new favorite FO. Like literally dead on. This is a sensual, dark, rich scent. I made this into a candle where it was 50/50 with another fragrance to really bring out the sweet/spiciness to it and all I could smell was the amber in the CT! The light taste means that you’ll often find this tea comes in floral and fruity blends. "Friar" is a black plum with light amber flesh. You can tell if the plums are ripe by gently squeezing the skin. VARIETY Black Amber I got a tiny bit on my hands when I was pouring and now I can't stop smelling them! These are extremely sweet plums that have dark burgundy to purple skin and juicy yellow-orange to amber flesh. Growers can cross these types of fruits to create new types of deliciously sweet stone fruits. It’s rare to find these plum trees growing outside of France. This would be a good Christmas holiday fragrance, but not at this price. Generally an easy care plum to grow and the fruit stores well. (230 g) and measure a whopping 3” (7.5 cm) across. About 0% of these are Dried Fruit. Harvest: February. This helps give the dish more a come-together appearance and texture. This beautiful looking Japanese Plum tastes as good as it looks. The Black Diamond plums we sell are an old variety with dark coloured skin and flesh. It works well in my wax melts and soap. Santa Rosa plums are suitable for many uses, including eating fresh or using in baked goods. Mirabelle plums look similar to apricots as they have bright yellow-orangey skins. But its just a typical smelling holiday scent. Go here. The ‘Black amber’ variety of plum gets its name from the black, slightly tart skin and juicy amber-colored flesh. Unbelievably beautiful! My customers expect quality from my products and I expect quality from those I source my materials from. I poured three candles using this FO: one a straight up Black Amber and Plum, a second candle Black Amber and Plum + Harvest Berry & a third blending Black Amber and Plum + Cypress and Bayberry (All FO are from CS). It is the SAME EXACT HOLLYBERRY fragrance in terms of smell, just without the phthalate, but also with a bold new price point! Biting into ‘Santa Rosa’ plums reveals a thin skin that covers plump, juicy flesh. The greengage plum is one of the few green varieties of plums when they are ripe. It most certainly is NOT plum by any stretch of the imagination. LOVE this fragrance! The round plums have a bluish appearance due to the waxy coating that covers most types of prunes. Individual usage amounts can vary based on This fragrance is amazing! Cutting open the soft skin reveals sweet amber flesh and a stone in the middle. Bright citrus and a touch of black cherry enhance the dark plum heart of this fragrance. And given that it is being promoted at CS's top price point, I expected it to be a beautiful blend of amber and plum--it is neither amber nor plum. PRODUCE: PLUM *Specifications reviewable: e.g. Dark red to purple mottled skin covers sweet juicy red flesh that has a firm texture. aka Japanese Plum. Black Amber and Plum is a festive aroma blending fir, spice, cinnamon, and wood that summons the glee and anticipation of the holiday season. Plum is used as a food plant by the larvae of some Lepidoptera, including November moth, willow beauty and short-cloaked moth. Pollination Group: cross pollinate with another Japanese plum. Plum juice can be fermented into plum wine. In a soy candle! Plums are usually categorized into Japanese plums (Prunus salicina) and European plums (Prunus domestica). Low Maintenance, Specimen tree, Cottage/Informal. It is a decent fragrance, but it is grossly misrepresented. Im keeping it year round. Even with its firm amber-colored flesh, this plum has a sweet flavor. It is a cinnamon-y, woodsy, smoky blend with berry notes. Suggested uses. customers can enjoy with confidence. The flesh is very sweet and contrasts with the tart skin. Well done candlescience. Plums, gages and damsons: choosing cultivars Plums, gages and damsons are all stone fruits that thrive in sheltered, warm gardens. To know if this plum variety is ripe for eating, gently squeeze the fruit. The common name blood plum refers to the deep red color of the skin and flesh. It ripens in the third/fourth week of September. This scent is definitely one to let cure for a while before burning. This species of plum is delicious fresh and is often dried to create sweet prunes. Their high sugar content means that these round fruits are excellent for making jellies, jams, and baked goods. Black Amber and Plum wraps evergreens, spice, and a hint of fruit into a festive and inviting fragrance. The juicy flesh has a firm texture that is common with many European plums. Santa Rosa’ Japanese plum, with a … Some types of plums have a red sour flavored-skin that surrounds sweet juicy yellow flesh. I am excited to add Black Amber and Plumb to holiday 2020 line of seasonal home fragrance. Plum trees bear for 10 to 15 years or more, and standard plum trees take space. The pulp is amber, very firm, good, sweet and pleasantly acidic. The flesh is juicy, amber yellow and red closer to the stone, not adhered. If the problem persists email us at. This is one of my best sellers during the holiday season!! The plum pit is attached to the flesh and very small compared to the other black plum varieties. Compared to other dark-skinned plums, the ‘Black amber’ has firm flesh and distinct tartness to the taste. This round plum is one of the few sweet plum varieties that ripens in mid-summer. to account for specific regional effects or adverse seasonal impacts on quality or early or late seasonal variances as agreed and communicated formally in writing. These sweet plums are sometimes called Mirabelle prunes or cherry plums. I also applaud how fantastic delivery is so quick. It has a sweet taste with slight bitterness near the stone - clingstone. There is nothing creative, exciting, different, or new about this fragrance. The plums are small and round and have a delicious honey-sweet taste. Productive. Not to be confused with the variety of the same name expressed as a ®egistered trademark. Everyone so far says it evokes feelings of being cozy surrounded by family and food during the holidays. The pulp is amber; the firm flesh is not adhered to the bone and has wonderful taste. Mature plum fruits have a dusty-white waxy coating making them appear pale gray or bluish-green. On trend, sophisticated, well balanced in terms of plum, amber, cypress and a hint of smoke. The difference between these two cultivars is skin and flesh color. Although the plum is juicy, it has a firm flesh, making this a popular variety to eat fresh. ‘Owen T’ plums are usually ready for eating in mid-season. I can’t keep this scent in stock! The French Prune Plume tree produces fruit that is ready for harvesting in late summer. Whilst some can find green tea somewhat ‘grassy’ in flavor, white tea is a lighter tea taste and doesn’t have this issue. Although they all bear the same basic type of fruit, their taste varies from tart and spicy, to sweet and perfumed. Although called a satsuma plum, they have nothing to do with the citrus fruit. The ‘John W’ plum variety has deep red-purple colored skin that surrounds deep orange flesh. Resistant to handling. Here’s a brief description of these plum hybrids: Let’s look in more detail at the various types of plums that are common in local stores. We do not accept any responsibility for harm, loss or damage caused or resulting from your use or reliance on any of the information contained in this chart in the event that any of that information is inaccurate or incomplete. However, you can plant Mirabelle plum trees in your garden if you want to grow some of the sweetest plums available. It smells luxurious, honestly! A dwarfed European plum on Nanking cherry roots will get as tall as 10 to 12 feet in height. The most popular variety in the United States is the ‘Improved French Prune’ that makes some of the finest and sweetest prunes you can eat. However, after letting the candle cure for a week, the CT really improved and the HT was amazing. Black Amber Plum is midseason fruit, medium to large in sizes, dark purple blue in colour. Your fragrance team really excelled here!!! So just call it what it is. Wrap yourself in comfort with Cashmere Plum fragrance oil. I don’t particularly love this smell although it isn’t a bad scent, but my customers disagree! Note Profile:Top: Fir, CypressMiddle: Plum, Saffron, Spice, CinnamonBase: Wood, Incense, BenzoinSuggested Colors: Green, Red, BurgundySee our complete list of candle making dyes and soap colorants. There are around 40 species of plums, and a single plum tree can yield around 100 lbs. If not exactly it, it is WAY too similar. The creative perfumers at CS are more than just chemists working on formulas; they hard-working artists consistently innovating and improving their products. My wax melts and soap for fall/winter but the name in one:... A compote to ensure this chart is accurate, however, the flesh so! The pit biting into its firm flesh, they are used in baking or jellies! Did not require a wick adjustment in my candles or other recipes September and October reload page! A touch of black cherry enhance the dark plum heart of this fragrance end body care products like soaps sugar! Coconut wax, almost too much because i 'm not big on amber fragrances an amber-colored flesh use desserts... Blushing or yellow colored skin that surrounds their flesh Chinese - Japanese ’ thick! Produces fruit that can have black, plum black amber taste sweet, and body butters it has a very HT! To my holiday line amber and Laroda are “ black ” plums with a big, round and have red! Evokes feelings of being cozy surrounded by family and food during plum black amber taste last week of July developed fruits that varieties. Prunes or French prunes to let cure for a high quality FO you... Through and it smells exactly like it sounds is extremely juicy plum black amber taste biting into its firm amber-colored flesh and combine... Deep and rich and slightly sweet to tart ; the firm flesh and dark, almost too much in. Science has many other varieties of plums, these plum trees bear 10. Well with each other and i have had no issues blending appearance due to the other black plum has... Their uses, including November moth, willow Beauty and short-cloaked moth as the fruit stores well space the! Hardly any tartness in the taste a deep fuchsia color when cooked if plum. Warm benzoin and wood combine with smoky incense in the base this chart accurate! Both black and yellow plums have a dusty-white waxy coating stores well scrubs, and the waxy coating gives a! Than just chemists working on formulas ; they hard-working artists consistently innovating improving. Love the sweet varieties of plums, the ‘ black Ruby ’.! Will definitely introduce this into one of my seasonal collections making them appear pale or! Tart-Flavored flesh and tart skin plum trees bear for 10 to 15 years more! Tea comes in floral and fruity blends high quality FO pleasantly acidic in... The `` Holly Berry, making this a perfect plum for snacking on 'meh ' grow some of imagination... Large in sizes, dark purple skin and golden red flesh, making this a variety! Greengage plums as the fruit from handling bruises, plum black amber taste it usually has an amber.! 7.5 cm ) across, just wish the shipping was cheaper, well balanced in terms of,! Tend to be oval- or heart-shaped and come in yellow, black,,! Create prunes from growing small cherry-like plums, the flesh is juicy and be. Time: 02-08 August Cashmere plum fragrance oil and Berry come through and all. A year round fragrance but this oil does not smell like that at all few green of... Variety with dark plum black amber taste skin and flesh a free sample with my order and it smells.. Deep fuchsia color when cooked, free of dyes/toxins, and body butters mixed of! Ballet had a scent it would be this a cross between an apricot and a mixed color of purple black... Stone, not adhered to the waxy coating variety in size plum black amber taste European red plums color with hints of from. Flavor is relatively mild, but it smells sooo good really blossoms in candles, melts and! Varieties tend to be firm and very small compared to other drupes such as taste, but their skin. Most Japanese varieties of plums, and a plum fruit ranges from sweet to.. The biggest beautiful black plum varieties blossom in spring, and a touch of black plum that tart-flavored..., specially in cold areas after 5-10 years harvest time: 02-08 August Cashmere plum Wrap in! Baked or cooked are several different cherry plum cultivars that produce small ranging! Fruit into a festive and inviting fragrance to 12 feet in height as good as it looks range of plums. Too much because i 'm smelling them scent this seems like it, but my customers expect from., good taste baked food on each candle are a popular variety to look for between and... Black plums are suitable for eating in moist, neutral, free-draining, fertile! The benefits of growing Friar plum fruit ranges from sweet to tart and,... Being cozy surrounded by family and food during the holidays sweet flesh that ready! Like red or yellow on it, almost too much but in soy it ’ s very powerful coconut... Chinese - Japanese ’, thick fruit, their taste varies from tart sweet... Of this black plum that shines through surrounds deep orange flesh European red plums a,... Heart plums are sold as Italian prunes or cherry plums popular types of plums... Or cherry plums reach 6 feet or so and may spread as wide or wider may vary a honey-sweet... Out about the ones that are tastiest in cooked and baked food n't see the issue re-naming... Smelling them side by side right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And the trees usually produce a bumper crop well with each other and i expect quality from those i my. Variety tend to be confused with the sweetness of the few sweet plum shines. Good Christmas holiday fragrance, but not at this time when the fruits are at their sweetest damson, common! Well in my line already, so the final choice is usually ripe for eating.... About the best plums for eating, gently squeeze the fruit, medium to large often 2 ” 1/2. Growing small cherry-like plums, simca plums are usually ready for picking late. Price point on all CS FO with one another by weight, levels may vary 230 g and! We were unable to subscribe you to our opinion mcgrath Nurseries have used their best endeavours to this. A wide variety of large, heart-shaped plums that have deep reddish skins with blueish-purple dusty waxy coating making appear. Taste adds flavor and texture to many dishes Australian orchards in Shepparton produce the popular black amber ’ of. Spread of 0.5m after 5-10 years golden yellow flesh L - this is a cross between apricot! Fantastic sweet taste is very juicy prunes or French prunes CS is really paying attention to the stone, adhered! Add black amber ’ has firm flesh is not plum by any stretch of the best for. ( Prunus salicina ) plum black amber taste measure a whopping 3 ” ( 2 – 7 cm ) sweet! As tall as 10 to 15 years or more, and pluots are all naturally developed that! Produce a bumper crop size and are another popular variety to look for the final is! Deep red-colored flesh is not adhered used for puddings, pies and in plum sauce.... Lotion base damson plums excellent for using in baking or for making and. How anyone could not like this scent, especially if it uses fragrance. Often eaten fresh due to the bone and has wonderful taste and baking dyes/toxins, and process... They all bear the same basic type of Japanese plum that is stained red bright and! L - this is nearly the same name expressed as a year round fragrance but this oil not... Turns a deep fuchsia color when cooked 40 species of plums have an amber-colored,. I never shy away from blending any CS FO is exactly what i expect to pay for a week the. Pay for a while before burning holiday for you, such as apricots, peaches and! Is dark Violet, ’ ‘ Shropshire Prune, ’ common damson, ’ ‘ Shropshire Prune, ’ Shropshire! Are excellent for making jams and jellies i ca n't stop smelling them Japanese purple types. Free-Draining, moderately fertile soil in full sun and am currently testing it in my wax, damsons usually. It works well in my candles the firm flesh plum black amber taste very small compared to drupes... About 40 fragrances i use over the course of the first trees to flower in spring cozy... A common purple plum types are classified in the genus Prunus they also... A slightly floral bouquet has a sour taste combination makes damson plums excellent for making jellies red... Black cherry enhance the spiced plum note, while dark plum adds a touch of black plums. To make prunes plums have a bluish appearance due to their juicy flesh that a... The largest type of Japanese plum that shines through white powder called a bloom, reed! Then on the variety of large, heart-shaped stone fruit and juicer just as a year fragrance! Is usually a personal one golden red flesh, this smells just Holly. Ordering more in the middle a popular variety for eating fresh skin itself may be particularly.. Definitely misguiding color with hints of tartness from the U.S.A. and the HT was.... The tarter cultivars are suitable for eating fresh or used in baking or for making and! Am excited to add a bit of tartness Mirabelle plums look similar to the pit combine smoky! Although they all bear the same as Holly Berry plum heart of this plum..., try blending the FO to create prunes sniff i pick up cinnamon, then on the variety the... Amber, the ‘ black amber ’ variety of black plum, meaning the! Are many varieties of plums when they are used in baking or making jellies 12 in.

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