This thing is as good as it gets for a sleeping pad, but it is still just a sleeping pad. I was able to return the mat to Exped for repair. Also, other pads and mattresses tend to "bounce" when you or the other person moves/rolls. It has lots of loft, so you can't feel anything uneven terrain under the pad. Bottom line I demaneed that we not buy another cheap camping mat. Only complaint is that it definitely does not self inflate. Pricey but worth it. Worth every penny. Sized to fit Exped's MegaMat Duo (LW) Cinches tight on underside with cord and cordlock The mesh perimeter prevents moisture being wicked up In Winkelwagen . $219.00 - $249.00. The way the hinge works, it scissors closed as the tent opens, and so ensuring that the matress is out of that scissoring area is your goal here. Exped Exped MegaMat Duo M Green Sleeping Mat Definitely a car camper because of size, but that is the only limitation I have come across. MegaMat is the original, highest quality, most comfortable, best reviewed sleeping mat ever built and has made truly luxurious sleep a reality for thousands of campers since its introduction in 2011. We didn't have a problem deflating the mat or packing up. Testing the pad in the store was super helpful and helped me to settle on this luxurious Exped pad. It was designed specifically for use as an overlanding and car camping bag. Earlier this year we picked up the Exped Megamat Duo Sleeping Pad when it went on sale. This thing is huge, and it event takes up a good bit of space in the trunk, but sleeping on it was just as comfortable as my Tempurpedic mattress at home. I’ve been sleeping on the wrong mattress for 50 years. This pad has a structure that is designed to be fully inflated. What would be the long term impact term? Further, the suggested storage instructions include: laying flat in a cool, dry place. I love these Exped pads, bought a second since the comfort was amazing. But do it once and you’ll have it down. Exped Exped MegaMat 10 LXW Sleeping Mat. The pad is supposed to self-inflate, but it didn't seem to do this very well in ambient temperatures below 70F or so. Why only 4 stars? Our Goal? Exped MegaMat Max 15 LXW Slaapmat . Durable, comfortable and easy setup. Originally intended for basecamp and expedition use, and perfect for adding luxury to any camping trip, the Megamat is the most popular self-inflating camping mat we have ever stocked, now in a double version. Does anyone know when or if its coming back into stock? A bit bulkier and heavier than carrying two separate sleeping pads, but not by much. Just get over it. Still loving it — and planning to roll it up & take it with me when I head to New Mexico next fall. I'm sure you've done a worse job spending the same amount of money on something in the past! My tent turned out to be 2" narrower than the width stated on its stuff sack and this pad put enough stress on the tent zippers to ruin one of them. I love that this pad uses foam and air for inflation so it doesn't feel like you're sleeping on an air mattress, but a real mattress. I keep it partially inflated under my bed. It is defiantly too bulky to lug around but I have found it is a car camping essential. You will not feel anything when out there. I'm so excited! This is much lighter than a conventional mattress and was an excellent choice for us. Less than half the mat will inflate. We did have either a sheet or a sleeping bag on top of the pad most of the time and he doesn’t have very long claws…One note – don’t try to pump more air in the pad if the pooch is laying on it – it doesn’t work very well.

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